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Restraining Loads

If you are driving a vehicle that is carrying a load or towing a trailer that is carrying a load, you have to make sure that load is restrained properly. Load restraint is not just about making sure that the load does not come off – it is also about making sure that the load does not shift in a way that makes the vehicle unsafe to handle or allows the load to crash into the driver’s cabin, which may cause injury or death.

If you don’t restrain a load properly you might cause an accident, injury or death if:
1) Objects fall from your vehicle on to other traffic or pedestrians
2) Other drivers swerve to dodge items that are falling or have fallen from your vehicle
3) Loads that have spilled onto the road cause other vehicles to skid and lose control
4) Uncovered loads crash into your vehicle cabin during emergency braking
5) Loads that aren’t restrained properly shift and contribute to your car rolling over.

The overriding load restraint requirements in Queensland require that any load carried on or in your vehicle or trailer must:
1) Not be placed in a way that makes your vehicle unstable or unsafe
2) Be secured so it won’t move or fall from your vehicle while driving – including driving consisting of emergency braking or turning suddenly
3) Not project from your vehicle in a way that is likely to injure a person, obstruct the path of other drivers or pedestrians, or damage another vehicle or anything else
4) Be restrained using an appropriate load restraint method.

Also, loads must not cover number plates, lights, and reflectors. If a load projects more than 1.2 meters behind a motor vehicle or a trailer or if the load projects in a way such that it would not be readily visible to a person following immediately behind a vehicle or trailer, a brightly colored red, red, and yellow, or yellow flag (measuring at least 450mm by 450mm) must be fixed to the extreme back of the load. Also, at night, a red light or at least two red reflectors must be fixed to the extreme back of such a load.

The load restraint laws apply to all vehicles regardless of their gross vehicle mass. Consigners, loaders, and receivers also have a responsibility to make sure that the load restraint requirements are met.

Unsafe vehicles &
insecure loads

Driving an unsafe vehicle:

You must not drive an unsafe vehicle on the road. If you’re prosecuted and convicted in the courts, you can be fined up to $2,000. You must also display a current warrant of fitness. If you don’t you can be given a $200 infringement notice (that is, an on-the-spot ticket), or if you’re prosecuted and convicted through the courts you can be fined up to $2,000.

Carrying an unsafe load:

You must make sure any load you’re carrying is secure and that it can’t fall or escape from your vehicle or trailer. Any person loading the vehicle has the same responsibility. You can be given a $600 infringement notice, or if you’re prosecuted through the courts you can be fined up to $2,000 and disqualified for a period decided by the judge.

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