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Multipurpose Nets

Available in 2 types, a net type and a weatherproof type.

The Multipurpose Cargo Nets are perfect for many vehicle types. With a load rating of 500kg, you can rest assured that your load is covered and secured.

The SUT-600 version is weatherproof, not only securing your load but also keeping it dry.

Net/Tarp Labels

  • A
    Multiple Eyelet Anchor Points
  • B
    Heavy-Duty rip-stop fabric/tarpaulin, safely secures small items
  • C
    Triple layered reinforced edge
  • D
    Heavy-Duty Polyester UV Stabilised webbing
  • E
    Anti-Tangle Design
  • F
    Coated Hook prevents Scratching
  • G
    Buckle is fast to tighten and loosen straps. Never needs rethreading
  • H
    Karabiners snaps quickly onto an Eyelet